Thwarting Theft: Car Break-in Prevention Tips

Car break-ins seem to be growing more frequent in Bedford in recent months. Here are a few tips to keep thieves out of your vehicle.

Lock It Up

This seems obvious, but testimony from theft victims too often starts with, “Well, my car was unlocked…” Sometimes we forget, because we’re in a rush to get in the house after a long day of work, or maybe we have groceries to bring in and our hands are full. Make it a habit to check and even double check that your car doors are locked. This will probably the first thing a thief will check. This goes for rolling up your windows too.

Garages are Cars’ Best Friends

If you have a garage, put your car in it and make sure the door is closed. It’s much tougher to burgle a car that’s out of sight, not to mention behind a rather large and noisy door. Bonus points if your garage is electric only (no exterior handle) or can be locked.

Keep It Out of Sight

There are multiple windows on vehicles, the number varying with the type of car. Even tinted windows only offer so much protection from those peeking in to look for valuables.

If you’re going to be keeping them in your vehicle, hide electronics, shopping bags, purses, wallets, and other valuables in the trunk, center console, door compartments, and glove compartments to keep them from prying eyes. If there are windows into the trunk, cargo covers often come standard or can be added easily to block contents from view.

Cover Your Tracks

Along the same lines as keeping valuable out of sight, also keep any hint of valuables hidden. An iPhone charger is a sign that there could be an iPhone in the vehicle. Receipts left on the seat could tip a thief off to those shopping bags stored in the trunk. Any little item that is linked to something of value makes your car more vulnerable, even loose change.

Hit the Lights

Keeping your car in a well-lit space is a great crime deterrent. Parking under a streetlight if possible is a good course of action. If there’s no overnight parking on your street, or if there are no well-lit areas to park, adding exterior lighting to your property is also a great option. Motion detection lights are encouraged.

These easy steps are a good start for protecting your vehicle from sticky fingers and broken windows.

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