What’s Going On With Bedford’s Sewer And Drain System?

Heavy rainfalls can reek havoc on the basements of many Bedford residents. It is this time of year that keeps the Beford Service Department busy. Homeowners are losing costly items due to basement flooding as well as costly expenses for clean-up. Where do we begin  resolving this issue? My question is “WHAT IS GOING ON WITH BEDFORD’S SEWER AND DRAIN SYSTEM, AND WHAT DOES THE CITY PLAN TO DO ABOUT IT?”  Do we not have the funds for repair? Is this something on the city’s to do list? The problem can no longer be ignored and the residents of Bedford need answers. I have been a resident of Bedord for 4 years. In the 4 years I’ve been a resident my basement has flooded 6 times and I have had many items damaged, and not to mention not able to enjoy my extra living space. Besides myself I am sure others experience this agonizing problem and as tax paying residents of Bedford, we deserve answers. I would like to hear some comments from other residents of Bedford who has experienced the same problem each time there is heavy rainfall. I can no longer replace valuable items do to the insufficient drain system. I would like to know from other residents of Bedford, How much have you spent in clean-up costs? What are some of the items you’ve lost do to water damage? How has this affected you financially? What do you propose the City of Bedford do in order to get a handle on this problem? What do you think the residents of Bedford should do to push for relief? Your comments and concerns are welcomed. I believed if our opinions and concerns are voiced loud enough maybe it will generate a solution to the problem. We have new talent running for City Council that hopefully may be able to make a change. Your comment and concerns is the first step towards a solution. Keep in mind the question at hand. “WHAT IS GOING ON WITH BEDFORD’S SEWER AND DRAIN SYSTEM, AND WHAT DOES THE CITY PLAN TO DO ABOUT IT?”  Thanks All!!


  1. My basement has been flooded with raw sewage many times over the years. I have not been able to use my basement as an additional living space, have lost furniture and carpet so have given up on trying to make it nice again. The city used to provide the service any day of the week to come snake. They always gave me a jar of root-x to put down the clean out. Didn’t solve the bigger problem but was helpful to know I could get help if I checked on a rainy day to see if water was rising up. They always said it was because of mainly tree roots. Now that the city has taken away the 24/7 service, this is causing many to have to hire someone to come take care of a huge Bedford problem. I’m really ticked off about the situation because of the above, and if and when I sell my house, I would have to disclose this negative information. In my opinion, the city should address this problem yesterday!!!

  2. This is something I have on my campaign literature, the City wishes to repair roads with the revenue from the increase in the income tax. However, they didn’t address the need to replace aging water and sewage lines. I think we need to fix those before we fix roads.

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